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About GoBe

The Inspiration
The inspiration for GoBe sprang from a thoughtful conversation between two friends. Huddled in a cozy enclave in downtown Traverse City, Michigan in the middle of one of Mother Nature’s most extreme snowstorms, the idea of making the world a better place by combining microlending and meaningful tourism percolated to the surface.

Our Mission
The mission of GoBe is three-fold:

1. To provide affordable loans to economically and politically marginalized entrepreneurs/groups of entrepreneurs with limited or no access to credit.

2. To build a bridge between GoBe lenders and entrepreneurs by offering meaningful travel opportunities that provide lenders the opportunity to visit GoBe’s entrepreneurial partners.

3. To create communities of “GoBe-ers” who will help guide the evolution of GoBe and our partner entrepreneurs by engaging in our online GoBe village.

Our desire is to build an organization that is ethical, fiscally stable and one that is socially responsible, generating measurable ‘value’ along the entire value chain. Unlike organizations that focus on increasing the short-term financial ‘return on investment’ GoBe is fundamentally committed to a triple bottom line perspective in which we give equal weight to the social, environmental and financial impact – for our customers, for our entrepreneurs, and for our tourism partners. We value transparency and collaboration and our business model will be created (and continue to evolve) with these values leading our decision-making.


5 Responses

  1. What a great project! I would love to help out-Please keep me updated.

    • Lynette – So good to hear from you. Hope you are well. We’ll have more ideas of what can be done in support of the project after spending some time with Miriam. In the meantime, we’ll be reporting back regularly from Ecuador on this blog.
      Hope to see you soon! Hugs, Jody

  2. What a great project. I would love to talk to you guys. I’ve been scheming up some ideas, myself, around this subject and would love to connect with you and perhaps get involved.

    Nice job so far.


  3. Hey Maureen – Its all a grand adventure, isn´t it? I´ve thought about your family´s trip to Central America several times while we´ve been here. A woman and her young son from the US were sharing breakfast at our Posada this morning – I thought about how powerful this experience must be in shaping the boy´s world view.
    Thanks for the kind words. Look forward to chatting when we return to Traverse City.
    Abrazos – Jody

  4. I am following your new endeavor with great interest. This sounds like an exciting way of both shrinking and expanding our great planet- growing relationships and shortening the distance between us all. I’d like to support you. I’ll read more to try to figure this out but if you have anything in particular cooking at the moment, let me know. Best wishes. I know you can do this. I’ve already seen the fruits of your work ;~)

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