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Pick-up Truck Ride, Anyone?

Hola from beautiful Ecuador,

Today has been full of excitement as we started the day by tasting Miriam and Mimi´s fantastic eucalyptus truffles (WOW) I can honestly say I´ve never had anything like it. We said tearful goodbyes to Miriam and Luiz and headed back to Quito with a dear friend (local Ecuadorian woman) who is helping us locate sources (ingredients) for Miriam.Tomorrow, we will travel five hours to stay with a cacao plantation owner who appears to have excellent potential as a source.

Riding in the back of  a pick-up truck is becoming second nature now. It´s kind of like riding a bike – it´s all coming back to me and I love it! Tomorrow we´ll put our backsides to the test when we travel south in the back of a truck…we all agree that we´re up for the adventure and after a full-recovery from Montezuma´s revenge (which I am so glad that mi amiga Jody made public on the blog 🙂 I am up for anything.

So stay tuned my friends. The adventure continues and trust me when I say, you are all with us. We are stockpiling chocolate for our return trip so we can share a little taste of Ecuador.


4 Responses

  1. Rock on Ladies!! and hang on tight!!- wear a helmet if you have one or better yet make one out of cocunuts! Love and miss you! You are all in the Lannin Family’s prayers.

    • No kidding Mary! The ride was well worth it as the day after we arrived, we harvested cacao on our friend Samuel´s 250 acre farm. The pulp inside a cacao seed is muchos deliciouso. Looking forward to seeing you very soon.

  2. I just love reading about your adventures! Can’t wait to see you in the flesh, though — I miss you! xo

    • So glad you´ve enjoyed the blog. It´s been quite an adventure. Miriam and Luiz received the transfer of funds and sent us a very sweet email back. We have been staying with a local family (just outside of Quito) for the last two days. They are incredible hosts. Loving life in Ecaudor. See you soon!

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