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Incan revenge

Group Travel Rule #1 – When traveling with a group, at least one person is destined to become the victim of Montezuma’s revenge.

Two nights ago, our darlin’ Julietta went down.  After hurling her guts through the wee hours of the night, Julietta is back in action (thanks to some good drugs courtesy of Sharon, charcoal capsules and oregano tea.

Julietta wrapped in a Alpaca Blanket

This morning we sadly said good-bye to Miram and  Luiz. But we left with the certainty that we’ll see one another again. They welcome all of you with open arms.

Mimi, Kim and Sharon are off to see the sites of the Northern Andes.

Juliette, our new friend Jenny (the Ecuadoran cacao queen) and I are headed South to learn about chocolate growing, manufacturing and the players involved.

Sigue, sigue …


5 Responses

  1. oh julietta….so glad you are on the mend now xolee

    • Hola Lee, gracias for all of your good wishes. We shared some of your comments with Miriam and Luiz last night and this morning we had the opportunity to taste Miriam and Mimi´s eucalyptus truffles. They were unlike anything that I have ever eaten. Deliciouso.

  2. I just got done reading the article in the express. Juliette my heart just leapt for joy for you and this awesome endeavor. I thought about the “a-ha” moments we had at some of our lunches and just know that the moment at Popycocks had to be amazing. I have chills thinking about how perfect this is and wonder if the reaction I am having is something I myself need to take special note of. So glad you are done tossing the ole cookies;). Peace my friend, Sue Olson

  3. It had to be you! Happy that you are better!

    Glad to hear you are having a wonderfully, personally and professionally, satisfying trip!

    Spencer, being the animal lover that he is, immediately informed me, after we spoke, that Ecuador has one of the most poisonous snakes in the world…the Fluer de Lance(sp?) and cammos like the floor of the jungle. Isn’t he a hoot!

    • Yep. I took one for the team on Sat-Sun. The good news is today I shared a meal with my new friend´s family that was deliciouso and actually brought me back to life. Followed up with some Ecuadorian coffee and I am back in business! Tell the boys Hola and send mucho love from Tia Julietta.

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