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A Busy Day Making Chocolate and Visiting the Market

Aloha Friends and Family (Juliette here – writing from Jody’s computer because I am having difficulty getting online). Yesterday was filled with magic. We started out the day by visiting the largest (?) artisan market in the world (Otavalo – just down the road from our hostel) and we finished in Miriam and Luiz’s courtyard discussing how we can each support the growth of Miriam’s Chocolate House.

Miriam and Mimi spent a good part of the day working on recipes (using local, fresh herbs and ingredients) and we poked our way through the market looking at beautiful products made by people in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and other places too. Jody and I have been sharing a lot of “plato typica’s” which is an authentic dish that has potato cakes, meat (Chivo/goat or Vaca/cow) and rice.

Mimi is back with Miriam today – continuing on with finishing their chocolates and we have had the pleasure of working with a local woman who is sharp and is helping us determine the next visits for cacao sourcing (for Miriam’s shop). Miriam and Luiz would like to become known as the supplier of the best Ecuadorian chocolate in the country. That said, it is likely that they will offer other locally produced chocolate (Kallhary Chocolates) products.

Our guide made a comment yesterday that I wanted to share with all of you as it relates directly to this project (and all of you). She said: “The law of life is you have to share. You’ve just got to give in order to receive.” How true.


4 Responses

  1. Good Day to YOU ALL! I am experiencing the days with you, always very excited to see GoBe on my email! Bless each of you as you grow open to this incredible place and her people. I am very happy there is talk of the next trip to support Mariam. Mariam, Luiz and their dream is becoming real because of a small group of women who said ‘yes’ and BELIEVE….I do pray for all good and hearing the stories being made with each day. Loving you and wishing you peace of heart, Penny

    • Hola Penny, muchos gracias. It has been wonderful and we have carried each one of your spirit´s with us. Miriam and Luiz are so very grateful and we have been working on the business plan since we arrived last Wed. Tomorrow we will travel (by way of the back of a pick up truck) five hours to meet a cacao farmer who might be a source for ingredients (they are very high quality). So stay tuned my dear and know that you are with us in spirit.

  2. Juliette I am not certain that my comments have reached you since my blackberry seems to not play well with with others. I am beyond excited for you and this adventure you are on! Rock on!

    • Hola Sue,

      We received both of your comments. Gracias for the kind words. This has been an amazing adventure that will continue tomorrow when we ride five hours in the back of a pick up to a cacao farmer´s plantation. It is lovely here. The people are wonderful. Thank you again for your thoughts.

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