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A Visit to Miriam’s Chocolate House

Hola All,

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Peguche plaza where Miriam’s chocolate shop is under construction. The village is where Miriam grew up and is home to about 400 people. Miriam’s shop is in the center of a plaza right next to a church and a very popular local restaurant which is owned by Miriam’s husband’s (Luiz) Uncle. The shop is two floors and Miriam and Luiz are discussing how the second floor should  be converted into a cafe (coffee and tea) and possibly a hostel (three rooms). Manuel (Luiz’s papita/father) lives behind the shop.

We had the extreme pleasure of hearing Miriam’s father (Allejandro) play the harp. he played several songs for us – one was a wedding song and there were two that are played only when a child passes away. We were all in tears by the end (including Allejandro). It was beautiful. Miriam’s mother (Juana) prepared corn soup for us which is served during celebrations. It was delicious – a corn-based broth with potatoes and a slice of beef.

Right now, Miriam and Mimi are in the kitchen testing some chocolate recipes. Miriam gathered fresh herbs (including lemon grass) to put into the chocolate. I can’t wait to taste test their creations!


3 Responses

  1. Sooo beautiful!

    • Aloha Mary,

      It really is beautiful here! Not only are the natural resources fantastic, the people are truly magnificent. We went to the Otavalo market yesterday and in the afternoon we met up with Miriam and Luiz and went to dinner at his Uncle’s restaurant. The food was wonderful. We then walked over to listen to Luiz plan the hand flute (guitar and and another flute too). On our way back to the car, we were passed by a wedding celebration – lots of people walking together, singing, with meat (guinea pigs and chickens) and supplies for the new couple. One woman said as she passed “Vamanos” – come on! It was magical.

  2. Sounds like one big happy family 🙂 …I LOVE the harmonica..
    Now I’m getting the travel fever ! I so love the stories…and I want to taste some of that chocolat ! can you please bring some home with the slideshow? i’ll make popcorn. Warm hugs all around…such a great project for the whole family….for the whole village! xolee

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