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A Beautiful Trip…With a Wonderful Person

Hola Fellow Adventurers and Do-Gooders,

I am writing this to you from Otavalo, Ecuador after traveling from the capital city of Quito to Miriam’s home and meet her family. Our first day in Ecuador was beautiful. It is arid here (a lot like Colorado) and the sun warmed temps to 60 or so. Enough that a few in our group are sporting sunburns (not me thanks to SPF 70!)

Meeting Miriam has been fantastic. She is a lovely person. Gentle and kind with an inspired entrepreneurial spirit. Her husband Luiz is supportive and also driven. Both have expressed thanks (many times) to the group of like-minded people who are helping them build a chocolate shop (Miriam has begun calling it her “Chocolate House.” We in turn have shared photos of all of the people who have provided support and encouragement and assured her that it is she who is giving us a gift by allowing us to help.

Before I left the States, I read a book titled “The Go Giver.” The book reinforces the importance of not only giving – but of the importance of receiving. I was reminded of this today as Jody was stopped on a hike by a local indigenous man who wanted to “thank us for visiting his country” and “wish us a wonderful trip.” We received his kind words and it was a moment that I will not soon forget.

So tonight, I leave you with much gratitude and thanks for all that you have done and will continue to do. Along with the hope that you are able to receive these warm wishes from abroad.


3 Responses

  1. THANK YOU! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a sister with each of you , Mariam and her chocolate house. I am so excited about your stories. Please know that I am praying for all good each moment, flowing, creative juices with fulfiiment and I love each of you and admire your willingness and ability to be so encouraging to/for Mariam. Hug eachother for me til I see you and tell Kim I surely miss her and our phone time, tea,and laughter…..In deep gratitude, peace and love, Penny

  2. So glad to hear that you have made it and are well-equipped with sunblock. And you are right to get out and immerse yourselves in the culture and the people. Too often folks from developed countries, when traveling to developing countries, stay in large cities in Western hotels and never get the person-to-person connection you always get by just taking a walk down an unfamiliar side street or footpath. While one certainly has to be careful of personal safety, more often than not the people and experiences you meet with are delightful. Here’s wishing all of you many delightful personal connections.

    And hugs to Miriam from all of us up here in the snow. Blustery today and more snow heading this way tonight! 🙂

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