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The Road to Ecuador Begins in Traverse City

Our morning started out eventfully. We missed our early flight out (someone needed some extra rest). No big deal. We’re rolling with it. Right up until Jody locks her keys in her car (in short-term parking). Still laughing our way to check-in through security when I get stopped and searched. I borrowed a backpack for the trip from a dear friend and it turns out she forgot to unload a very small swiss army knife…yep, you guessed it! I blurted out “that’s not my bag!” Followed by a lot more laughing (security included, thank you for your sense of humor my dear)…our trip has started. Eventfully as always. An adventure that at 1PM will continue into Detroit and on to Atlanta. Cross your fingers that the flight out to Ecuador is delayed (we are scheduled to land nine minutes past the departure). My experience traveling with Jody says that we’ll make it onto that flight and be sailing over to meet Miriam and the rest of the gals tonight. I’ll be “using the force” as Rohan puts it to ensure we get on. If nothing else, we make some new friends in Atlanta tonight…stay tuned.


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