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My new campaign for Cherry Capital: Install a Pub!

Take a few minutes to read Juliette’s previous post and you’ll understand why I think Cherry Capital should make it high priority to install a bar or pub (serving, of course, our beloved local brews from Right Brain, Shorts, Left Foot, Tandem Cidery and the multitude of fine wineries in the area). Even a vending machine that dispenses True North Vodka would fit the bill.

I’m not advocating that travel-induced hilarity should result in massive amounts of drinking for everyone – its only for the very ‘hearty’.  For me, it would simply serve as  a pleasant beginning on this voyage to the land of chocolate , if not a little innocent fun (or inappropriate fun if you know Juliette). If you haven’t noticed, J-Bone and I have a way of making otherwise normal travel an extreme adventure.


2 Responses

  1. Hope you are not STILL at Cherry Capital airport!?Thanks for sharing your travel drama – you will undoubtedly enjoy great success on this trip. Keep the updates coming!! ~Cheers! 🙂

    • Hey hey Wendy,
      We finally said adios to the lovely Cherry Capital airport yesterday afternoon. Upon arrival into Atlanta we encountered a helpful fella, originally from Guatemala, who was joyfully and skillfully directing passengers to their respective hotel shuttles. He and I had just enough time to swap salutations in espanol plus a brief conversation about our love of chocolate. ‘Me gusta tomar chocolate caliente con leche (I love to drink hot chocolate with milk)’, he says to me.
      Then he kindly directed us on to our shuttle before it departed. For a moment I felt like we’d arrived in Central America, the origin of cacao. It was simply a reminder that every person we meet has a role (and a story) that will help create this thing called GoBe, including the sweet Guatemalan fella who happily directs airport customers to their hotel shuttles for a night of rest in Atlanta.

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